What Is 3 Day Kitchen & Bath?


America's Best Remodeling Profit Opportunity
If you haven't found the secret to continuing success and profits, we've got the answer for you.

Distinguish Yourself
As long as you look and act like every other contractor, you are playing a game you cannot win. Why not eliminate the competition with a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from every other contractor in your market place?

3 Day Kitchen & Bath Dealers deliver the ultimate remodeling experience to their clients, and enjoy the benefits of no price competition. It's the only way to win the remodeling game!

Use Proven Systems
Proven business systems are the key to success. We started this process in 1997, and our business systems have been refined and improved ever since.

Collaborate with Innovators
Being in business is a lonely experience if you don't have friends to share the journey. Our network of independent 3 Day Kitchen & Bath Dealers offers you a benefit you can't get anywhere else. These highly motivated and successful dealers are just like you, and they are anxious to have you join a group that works together and helps each member achieve success.

Earn Good Profits Every Year
Can you just imagine how your life would change if you could count on being profitable every year? It takes discipline and well-designed business systems to create the miracle of a completely remodeled kitchen every week. You should be able to earn $180,000+ every year. That's the genius of 3 Day Kitchen & Bath!

Take Control of Your Life
Don't you think it's time to climb off the 60–70 hr/week remodeling treadmill and have a life? 3 Day Kitchen & Bath Dealers have learned how to earn a good living, and still have time to spend with their families.

If you're ready to take control of your life and make the changes that will bring you success, then its time to join 3 Day Kitchen & Bath!

Don't Get Stuck in a Franchise!
3 Day Kitchen & Bath is not a franchise. In fact, we are just like you! We value our independence. We started our own business because we wanted to be our own boss. We don't want anyone telling us what to do!

Since 3 Day Kitchen & Bath is not a franchise, we don't audit your books or get paid a percentage of your sales either. We have a simple Dealership Agreement that allows you to use our tried and proven business model in your exclusive market, assured that you will never have any competitors!

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