Scott Goode Testimonial


Scott Goode, wife Lorri
Children, Jordan, Andrew, and Maggie

GoodeGuy Construction was established by my partner and I in 1992 to serve the people of Lincoln, Nebraska in their addition and remodeling needs. Our company was born out of our passion to provide well for our families, to provide a quality service to our community and to have something for our children to take over if they wanted to. The same goals remain today.

I came across the 3 Day Kitchen & Bath in 2004 and saw it as a great opportunity for diversifying in our business and I also saw great potential in providing a service that was not available in our area. 3 Day Kitchen & Bath has proved successful in both arena's. I had been in the remodeling business for 12 years, and was frustrated by inefficiency, difficulty in collecting money owed, and the inability to guarantee profit on each job.

Personally, 3 day Kitchen and Bath has enhanced my own earnings and that of my employees. I feel that I am rewarded for my time and effort and that I can also pass that profit on to my employees and their families, which improves their performance and company morale. Our profits have significantly increased since joining 3 Day Kitchen & Bath, and our employee turn-over has decreased.

The business systems have given me tools and support in making my business productive and successful. It has changed my perspective in doing business. I have received and been trained in information that has been relevant, applicable, and specific to the remodeling business. The concepts can be used in many situations and have increased my creativity and productivity.

3 Day Kitchen & Bath has given me more opportunity to provide well for my family and to be involved in foreign and local mission projects and opportunities. 3 day has allowed me to have more flexibility and resources to help those in need in our community as well as around the world in Mexico and in the Dominican Republic. We count it a privilege to be able to give back in this way.

The whole concept of 3 Day Kitchen & Bath is an ingenious process that combines professionalism, efficiency and is a great service for the customer. It gives me great satisfaction and fulfillment to provide a service to our community that becomes a win-win situation for all.

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