About Us


Our Vision
We set out to create a unique and profitable business model, based on the belief that we could earn those profits if we would render a truly extraordinary service to our customers.

We had no visions of grandeur. In fact, our idea was just the opposite. We sought to discover how SMALL a very profitable business could be!

Our Mission
We teach good people how to earn a comfortable living, have time for a rewarding family life, and prepare for a secure retirement.

Our Story 3 Day Kitchen & Bath has been profitable from its inception. Now we're offering you a chance to share in the benefits of this remarkable business!

Dave Jensen had been successful in building businesses in three different industries. In 1997, Dave launched 3 Day Kitchen & Bath. His goal was pretty simple… Provide the Ultimate Remodeling Experience.

Dave created the company from scratch, and soon had accomplished something miraculous… he had figured out how to completely remodel a kitchen or a bathroom in just 3 days!

Clark Shurtz, already a successful entrepreneur, joined with Dave in 1999. Together, they developed the business systems that would make the 3 Day Kitchen & Bath miracle replicable.

Both Dave and Clark had worked for large corporations, so both valued the freedom and independence of owning their own company. They set out to design a small business that one man could run by himself, make a very good living ($150,000+), and have a life!

Our Future
We are building a network of independent dealers who use the 3 Day Kitchen & Bath business model in their exclusive territories.

Our dealers are independent in every way. They use our powerful marketing, sales, and management systems to help them look very big in their marketplace. They cooperate with each other to improve their profitability and their quality of life.

We are looking for a few good people… who have decided that it's about time to make their mark and provide a unique service in their market.

To learn more about this great opportunity in your home town, give us a call at 1-888-750-4817.

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